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Movement and dodging experiment

The game has reached a mini-milestone. All of the parts I need to test movement and dodging projectiles are finished. Like many Roguelike games, each move is a turn and all characters take turns simultaneously, but at different rates. What I wanted to test here is the turn based movement of the Player and the continuous movement of projectiles. The combination of these requires the Player to move in order to dodge.
I’ll be throwing builds into my public Dropbox folder if anyone wants to playtest and give feedback. Next up are the damage system and I want to try another experiment, which is the use of skeletal animation.

Yet unnamed Roguelike

While my wife was at GDC I began work on a Roguelike game in Unity.  I have limited time, so progress has been slow but steady.  I’m currently using art from Oryx Design Lab (http://ift.tt/1iD1s45). I’m close to the point where I can playtest the most basic mechanics.  I’ve definitely suffered from the ‘start a lot of projects that don’t get finished’ problem in the past and I am hoping that keeping a devlog will help push me to ship this game by making my progress public.
Honestly I don’t have a super strong ‘seed’ that everything is growing from.  I am definitely figuring things out as I go.  My current thinking is that the game will have these elements
  1. Movement is turn based like most roguelikes
  2. Projectile movement is continuous, so you’ll have to move to dodge them
  3. I’ll have a pixelated art style, probably 16×16 for most characters and environment tiles, however the characters will use skeletal animation
  4. It will be the inverse of Rogue Legacy in that, you venture outside of a castle into a new environment after each death
  5. There will be weather and survival elements like Unreal World, but less so.  
  6. Your progress is measured in how many days you survive, like in Neo Scavenger
I don’t know much more than that right now.  I’m very close to being able to test #2 from above
This blurb and this image are what sparked the whole thing:
Game takes place across a series of ‘single screen’ battles, al la OG Zelda.
As you move to the edge of the screen, the camera lerps to the next screen
     crazy town idea–it is multiplayer, you get matchmade with players in the next screen
Turn based, roguelike style movement of characters
Projectiles can be dodged in real-time
reverse of rogue legacy–where instead of going into a randomly generated castle, you exit your home into the randomly generated forest
     you only get to keep what you bring back?
     you only get to keep ‘special’ items a la enchanted cave 2
Here is my current todo list
Stay tuned for more updates!