Regular, meaningful progress is hard to make when you have a full time job and a family. I figured a public blog would help compel me to do it, but it hasn’t worked. So now I am trying to add some structure, and make that public too. I found some open source scrum called Taiga and I setup a backlog and a few sprints of work.
The first sprint, which took place over the past two weeks, was a success –I finished all the things I wanted to. It was about completing a basic set of hero movement content and death, and the (what I thought was a little bit) of code to tie it together. Since I am using 3D models to represent 2D art, to get the character to face different directions it is actually a model swap rather than a sprite swap. In Unity this means switching to a different skeleton and animation controller.
It feels good to queue up a set of tasks to do over two weeks which are a small piece of a bigger puzzle and at the end, you’ve learned something about that puzzle. I totally changed what I was going to work on in the next sprint after move the needle ever so slightly in a different direction and learned just a bit more about what I’m making.

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