Easy model creation

In the skeletal animation experiment I created the model by hand, placing one polygon per pixel using an image plane as a template and then manually setting the UVs to match up with the sprite. That was way to tedious and definitely not scalable. I wrote a handy little python function that will take a sprite as input and do all the work for me :-). Check it!

I think I’ll still need to create the “rig” manually. There will be one unique rig per direction, with east/west potentially just being a mirror. After I create one decent quality animation set and I automate the rigging process then I am confident that this will be my pipeline.

2 thoughts on “Easy model creation”

  1. Voxelizing it would be a good answer for a question like: What happens to a sword as it is swung when the character is facing south? It would have depth in that case and wouldn’t be a problem.

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