Skeletal animation experiment

One of the next things I want to figure out is how I’ll handle the character animations. I’ve been using the tiny dungeon sprites from Oryx Design Lab, and I had been thinking that skeletal animation might help bring them to life in an interesting way. I didn’t quite know how I would do this so I did some research and there are a ton of options to try out, from Creature to Spine2D, to Maya, and even Unity itself supports animation from within the editor. Here is my first test:

I brought the 16×16 sprite into Maya and slapped it onto an image plane, scaling it up 100 times until each pixel was 1 grid unit, and then I made a 1×1 polygon plane for each pixel. I ended up using a planar projection and using the sprite as a texture, but I think it may be more efficient to either use vertex colors or a tiny 1D texture that has the 8 colors the sprite has in it.

This animation is just a simple waving idle, so I want to do another test with more action like a run or an attack. I like where it is going so I want to see if I can take it to the limit as well, with FX and everything. Then I want to see if I can streamline the setup process by automating the manual steps I did to turn the pixels into polygons. Cheers!

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